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Tuberose Attar (Rajnigandha)


  • Botanical Name: Polianthes tuberosa
  • Country of Origin: India (Grows in Mexico too)
  • Solubility: Alcohol soluble
  • Plant Part: Flowers
  • Extraction Method: Hydro Distilled
  • Color : Yellow colour & Floral aroma,
  • Aroma : Sweet, exotic and rich floral fragrance of jasmine
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What is Tuberose Attar?

Tuberose Attar is obtain through hydro-distillation of fresh flowers of wildcrafted Polianthes tuberosa plant in Tamil Nadu Province in southern India. It is also known as ‘Rajnigandha Attar’ in India.

Tuberose Attar as Perfume Oil:

The Tuberose Attar has amazing blending characteristics and is used widely in perfumery industry because of its amazingly refreshing fragrance. It is easily blended with most other oils.

In modern perfumery, Tuberose attar/oil is considered as an excellent middle note. Traditionally distilled Tuberose Attar makes a complete fragrance in itself.

Blends well with: Jasmine Essence (Ruh Motia), Neroli, Rose Oil, Orange, Bergamot, Lemon, Vanilla, Lime, Patchouli essential oil, Ylang Ylang Essential Oil, Orris Root, Orange Blossom Absolute, Poplar Balsam, Lavender oil, and Oakmoss.

Health Benefits of Applying Tuberose Attar:

Tuberose perfume oil also has a mild narcotic effect with other calming/relaxing properties, which can be considerably beneficial for people suffering from stress or insomnia.

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