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Tea Tree Essential Oil


Botonical Name: Melaleuca Alternifolia
CAS #: 68647-73-4
Country of Origin: India
Color & Odor: Clear to pale yellow liquid @22°C with Camphoraceous odor
Solubility: Insoluble in water, soluble in alcohol and oils
F.E.M.A. #: 3902
Specific Gravity: 0.895 @ 72°F
Optical Rotation: +8.8
Refractive Index: 1.4789 @ 72°F
Flash Point: 130F
Major Constituents: alpha-terpinene, gamma-terpinene, cymene, alpha-terpineol, sesquiterpenes and up to 10% of cineole.
Extraction Method: Steam Distillation

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Buy Bulk Tea Tree Essential Oil – Organic-Certified

Tea tree is native to the Australian continent where it was once used in ancient medicines.

Fact: It was part of First Aid kits given to Australian soldiers during World War 2.

With the current trends towards using natural ingredients in our daily-use items, the demand for tea tree oil is booming with each new year.  

This oil is found in many household items such as Deodorants, Insect Repellents, Cleaning supplies, Hand Sanitizers, Facewashes, Mouthwashes, Shampoos, etc. It is also used extensively in aromatherapy due to its various magnificent benefits. It is also part of many pharmaceuticals and cosmetic products as well.

Its aroma is very fresh ‘Minty’ and a bit spicy that is warm in nature. It is transparent to pale yellow in color and has a thin consistency.

Manufacturing Process

This oil is derived from the leaves of the tea tree plant (botanical name: Melaleuca Alternifolia). Only the finest quality leaves are selected in our manufacturing process. The oil is then extracted via the steam distillation method, similar to many other essential oils.

Benefits & Uses

Tea Tree oil has antibacterial, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory properties. Tea Tree Essential Oil is found in a study to be very beneficial for faster wound healing. It is also quite effective in treating acne. Because of its rich therapeutic properties, it works effectively as a local antiseptic for cuts and abrasions, burns, insect bites and stings, boils, vaginal infections, toothache, infections of the mouth and nose, sore throat, and for ear infections.

The chemicals in tea tree oil may kill bacteria and fungus, and reduce allergic skin reactions. A 2012 Study also found that it can act against psoriasis to some extent. It is also effective in treating many other skin conditions. That is a major reason for its increasing usage in many dermatology medications.

It blends with Bergamot Oil, Lavender Oil, Myrrh Oil, Rosemary Oil, and Peppermint Oil.

Precautions/Safety Measures

  1. Perform a small skin test before regular usage.
  2. Never apply it near sensitive skin areas such as near eyes or nose.
  3. For External Use Only.
  4. Dilute it by mixing it with a carrier oil before direct skin application.

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