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S hamama Attar is certainly one of the most in-demand fragrance across the world. Kannauj, a historic city based in Uttar Pradesh, India is known as “The Attar City” and as been producing world’s best fragrances from decades.

The Shamama Attar is widely appreciated for its lasting fragrance, non allergic and exotic scents.

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What is Shamama Attar?

If there is something truly special about natural attars, then it’s their ever-changing quality. Shamama Attar, one of the most demanding Attar type, also falls under same category and carries the ever-changing quality of Natural Attars.

People also believe it has “mysterious” fragrance that adds to its own unique qualities. Its fragrance is seems inherited from flowers & sunshine. Similar to vintage wines, each batch varies from the last.

How Shamama Attar is Produced?

Shamama Special attar is manufactured using blend of a variety of herbs and natural essential oils. Known for its exotic fragrance, it is rare and precious Attar that is available in form of long lasting perfume that is prepared by combining various flowers through hydro/steam distillation process.

What are the application of Shamama Attar?

Shamama Attar is primarily used as perfume oil in Gulf countries including Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Jordan and more. Besides this can also be used in perfumes as an ingredient.

How is the Fragrance of Shamama Attar?

Please note that Shamama is very rare fragrance produced using number of natural ingredients such as herbs and spices. So, it often gives you a feel of aromas of herbs and spices.

What to Consider before Buying Shamama?

It does take sometime to adjust with shamama fragrance. Some people often not like it when they first encounter this fragrance. This is very rare and unique type fragrance, not meant for everyone.

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