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Saffron Attar (Zafran or Kesar Attar)


Botanical Name : Crocus Sativus
Plant Part : Stigma Of Leaves
Country of Origin : India
Blends Well With : Saffron Attar blends well with all floral based attars.
Color & Odor : characteristic,spicy, floral and intense odor
Method of Extraction : Traditional method of Distillation


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About Saffron (Kesar) Attar:

Saffron attar is warm and soothing, considered great for meditation. In cultural aspects, it is said that Saffron brings blessings and prosperity to the one who wears it.

History of Saffron Attar:

The origin of Saffron attar is in India. It has reddish, characteristic and intense odor having a warm and soothing aroma.

Saffron Attar is also popular as Kesar or Zafrani Attar and contain many therapeutic properties thus used widely in aromatherapy, incense sticks and other types of aroma treatments.

Kindly note that Saffron attar is for external use only and not to be taken internally.

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