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Rose Essence – Ruh Gulab


Botanical Name : Rose Damascena
Other Names : Rose Damask, Indian Rose
Place and Country of Origin : Hassain Village in India
Color & Odor : Nice rosy colour with sweet rosy fragrance
Grade : 100% Natural & Alcohol Free

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What is Rose Essence or Ruh Gulab?

Rose Essence or Ruh Gulab is a type of rose essential oil, however the procedure used in its distillation is traditional Deg & Bhapka Method. It requires about four tonnes of hand-picked roses to make just 1kg of rose essence.

Which Distillation Method is Used to Produce Rose Essence/Ruh Gulab?

The only difference in Ruh Gulab and Rose Essential Oil is the process used for distillation. Ruh Gulab is essence of fresh rose flower that is extracted in a traditional manner which is been used by perfumers in kannauj for hundreds of years.

The actual Rose distillation process begins even before sunrise, when the fresh flowers of the Damask rose are hand-picked by hand from thorny bushes, and they are brought to the distilleries for the rose attar making process that need to take place on same day.

Once the fresh plugged flowers are brought into distillery, they are tipped into big size copper pots, also known as Degs/Dhegs, with a small amount of cold water.

Under the degs or copper pots, a fire is made using wood or dung in most cased, and the water is boiled for the period of five to six hours.

The hot steam releases the essential oils of the flower, which further condense and flow down bamboo pipes (Chonga) to a Bhapka (receiver pot).

Can I Use Rose Essence/Ruh Gulab as Perfume?

Yes, Ruh Gulab or Essence of Roses is one of the best fragrances and the traditional manufacturing process makes it more special. Wearing Pure Rose Essence or Ruh Gulab is a must-have experience.

Making Rose Attar - Ruh Gulab Attar

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