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Musk Amber Attar


Ingredients: Musk Amber Oil

Aroma: Slightly woody, rich, sweet and earthy

Who can wear: Both Men & Women, Particularly recommended for Women

Type: Warm Attar

Appearance: Dark Brown


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What is Musk Amber Attar?

Musk amber attar or Musk Amber Oil has a deep rich fragrance with Amber Musk base notes. It is among the most popular multi-note attar oils, which contains soft, musky overtone with sweet, earthy notes in it.

When Should I Wear Musk Amber Attar?

This is such a special attar that can be wear in any season and for good for any occasion. Since it has warm and soothing properties, Musk Amber Attar becomes an ideal combination in winter season.

A composition made around Musk and amber is such a great combination that will delight you with its greedy side.

How Long Does Musk Amber Attar Last?

Musk Amber Attar Perfume Oil last for 6 to 8 hours on the skin and 24 to 48 hours on clothes.



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Net Quantity

12ml (Sample), 3ml, 6ml (Sample)


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