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Mukhallat Attar


  • Authentic Arabian attar
  • 100% free from alcohol
  • Strong Floral & Sweet smell
  • Long-lasting and high lingering range
  • Medium Consistency
  • Lingering smell
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What is Mukhallat Attar?

‘Mukhallat’ is an Arabic term that means mixing non-alcoholic fragrance oils. Usually, they are made by blending different oils and each new blend differs in their aromas, according to the ingredients used in making it and also the origin, quality, and proportion of those ingredients. They are very popular attar perfumes in Middle-east countries.

Mukhallat Ingredients & Aroma

Each mukhallat mix has a unique fragrance. At Kannauj Attar, Mukhallat is produced through co-distillation of pure oils such as jasmine, rose, saffron, oud, amber, etc. It has a rich floral aroma and sweet notes worthy of royal perfumes. Its ‘fruity’ fragrance is quite fascinating to maintain emotional balance for the human mind.

Mukhallat Attar Benefits

Mukhallat Attar’s floral aroma is very effective in relieving from any type of stress. Most people prefer this for personal use for relaxing and calming the mind after a busy day of work. It is used in Aromatherapy also because of its therapeutic attributes. Some incense stick manufacturers also prefer this attar for their products. 

Why buy from Kannauj Attar?

Kannauj Attar is a well-known name in the natural Attar Industry, trusted by many clients around the globe for our high-quality products and excellent customer service. We also bulk supply these authentic arabic attars and perfume oils for wholesale purposes.

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