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Kadamb Attar (Kadam)


Botanical Name Neolamarckia cadamba
Country of Origin Southeast Asia, China,Indian,Bangladesh,Nepal,Sri Lanka,Cambodia,Thailand,Indonesia,Malaysia
Plant Part Flowers
Extraction Method Hydro Distilled


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About Kadamb or Kadam or Kadamba Attar:

the Indian Kadamba Attar is extracted from the flowers of Kadam plant. Kadam tree is typically found in southeast asia and particularly in different parts of India. The kadam tree has apricot-gold coloured flowers with a unique and refreshing aroma.

The flower of Kadam (Kadamb) grows during and after the Monsoon season in India.

Cultural & Religious Significance:

The essence of Kadam has been appreciated in Hindu culture in India for many centuries. The flower of Kadam tree is considered as sacred for Hindu goddesses, mainly Goddess Durga and Lord Krishna.

The kadamba flower was the emblem of Athmallik State, one of the India’s princely states during the British rule.

What are some key characteristics of Kadam Attar?

Kadam Attar is typically woody floral, and oriental in character with a soft touch of honey. It mixes well with pure single-note attars and sandalwood floral water.

Where can I Use Kadamba/Kadamb/Kadam Attar?

There are various applications of Kadamb attar, here are some of the main uses:

  1. Kadam attar is used for fragrance when making incense sticks and powders due to its religious significance
  2. Rich therapeutic characteristics of Kadam tree makes Kadamb attar an ideal choice for herbal and beauty care products
  3. It is also used widely in aromatherapy and in Vedic resorts and Yoga retreats globally
  4. In ayurvedic massage oils
  5. As perfume



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