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Jannatul Firdaus Attar


Type: Concentrated Oil Perfume

Quantity: 10ml

Natural: Alcohol Free, 100% Natural Attar

Pros: Long-Lasting and Best-selling Attar

Ideal for: Men and women both

Ingredients:  Jasmine, lotus, cinnamon, gardenia, grass, woody notes, masala chai, herbal notes and rose.


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About Jannatul Firdaus Attar:

Known for its musky, wild rich and long lasting fragrance, Jannatul Firdaus is a heavely attar with a floral fresh fragrance top in top note which twists in to a bloom of spices and finally settles warmly with base of musk or amber.

The name “Jannat ul firdaus” is derived from the Arabic word meaning ‘Highest Paradise’. This attar is also among top-selling attar in category of arabic scents and natural blends experiences.

How does “Jannatul Firdaus Attar” Smells Like?

Jannatul Firdaus is unique rich aroma as it constitutes Jasmine, blue lotus, rose, gardenia, woody and herbal notes.

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10ml, 3ml, 5ml


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