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Ginger Lily Essential Oil (Hedychium Oil)

  • Botanical Name: Hedychium coronarium
  • Botanical Origin: Asia, India
  • Common Method of Extraction: CO2 Select Extract
  • Part Typically Used: Rhizome
  • Color: Opaque, yellow
  • Consistency: viscous liquid
  • Perfumery Note: Middle / Top
  • Shelf Life: 6 years
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About Ginger Lily Essential Oil:

Ginger Lily Essential Oil is extracted from the beautiful plant of Ginger native to tropical region of India. It has many uses mentioned in the ancient text of ancient Indian and Greek civilizations. Its flowers are orange and white in color.

How it is Extracted?

It is extracted by the process of Steam distillation, from the roots, leaves and flowers of ginger plant. It is used in many industries such as perfumes, skin care, food and massage therapy.

What does it smell like?

It has a slightly Sweet & spicy (Honey-like), Woodyaroma and has amber(light-brown) color with a thin texture.

What are its Health benefits?

White Ginger Lily Flower has some good medicinal properties and because of that, it has many applications in different domains of products.


  1. Aid Digestion- controls vomiting, decreases appetite regulate the overall digestive system.
  2. Antispasmodic- provides relief from muscular spasms(pains).
  3. Induce Calmness- relaxes and refreshes the mind to relieve from stress and prompt happiness.
  4. Ease Nausea- decreases the symptoms of nausea.
  5. For Skin- It renews new cells and replenish moisture in the skin.
  6. Aphrodisiac- reduces sexual weakness and increase sensuality.
  7. Treat Bronchitis- used in the treatment of bronchitis.
  8. Other- improves blood circulation and helps in getting rid of hiccups as well.

It blends well with Jasmine, Tuberose, Lavender, Frankincense and Sandalwood oil.


  1. Consult before using it for infants and children.
  2. Use only under proper guidance in a case of pregnancy.


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