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Botanical Name Plumeria (/plˈmɛriə/)
Country of Origin Mexico and Central America and Venezuela
Solubility Soluble in water
Specific Gravity 0.98880 to 0.99840
Optical Rotation 1.962 to 1.976 at 20 deg C
Refractive Index 1.50220 to 1.51170
Plant Part Flowers
Type Concentrated Perfume Oil
Natural 100% Natural and Alcohol Free
Flash Point 152.00 °F
Extraction Method Hydro Distillation
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What is Frangipani Attar?

Frangipani Attar is aromatic oil derived from the fresh flowers of frangipani plant through hydro-distillation (water distillation) process. Frangipani plant is also known by the botanical name of Plumeria and belongs to the dogbane family.

Appearance and Odour:

The frangipani attar oil is of light yellow colour and its aroma is refreshing and soft scented.

Applications of Frangipani Attar:

There are wide range of applications of Frangipani natural attar oil across different industries including aromatherapy, cosmetics and beautycare products, pharma products and perfumery.

Massage & aroma therapy– Frangipani attar oil comprises soft, unique and refreshing aroma which is ideal in aroma therapy techniques to relax your mind and revitalizes your body.

Cosmetic & medicine products – Rich therapeutic properties of Frangipani attar makes it a perfect ingredient for formulation of numerous cosmetic, beauty and personal care and body care products and medicine.

Perfumery– It is a perfect natural perfumery ingredient and being extensively used by perfumers as a top note ingredient.

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