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Dehn Al Oud Attar (Hindi Oudh) – Indian

Dehn Al Oudh is one of the most popular and renowned attar perfume globally. There are several brands that have launched their own versions of Dehn Al Oudh attar.

We, at Kannauj Attar have put hard work and devoted significant time in research, testings and market validation before finalizing the formula. However it’s not a product for all. Kindly refer to the description to understand it characteristics.

  • Brand: Kannauj Attar
  • Quantity: 10ml
  • Base Note: Woody
  • Top Note: Floral and Spicy with mild honey
  • Made In: India


About Dehn Al Oud Attar or Hindi Oudh Attar:

Dehn Al Oud or Indian Oud or Hindi Oudh by “Kannauj Attar” is a premium luxury attar perfume for men only.

Dehn Al Oud is certainly not a fragrance for all. It’s costly niche fragrance that comprises all what a rookie looks for and expect in traditional Dehn-al-oud attar yet it stands-out and give you the feel of true luxury.

How Does It Smell Like?

Dehn Al Oudh or Indian Oud has lingering sweet, leathery and woody aroma. It’s long-lasting oud based attar.

Should I Buy Dehn-Al-Oud Attar?

Well, we strongly recommend to buy our Dehn-Al-Oud attar only if you are already familiar with oudh fragrances. If you’re a newbie in the world of attar perfumes, we feel you should give more time to explore different oud based fragrances before you buy Dehn Al Oudh attar.

What’s the difference between Black Oudh Attar?

Black Oudh Attar is typically single note attar perfumes, but our Dehn-Al-Oudh attar falls in niche attars category that contain some rich and rare ingredients along with pure oudh.

 Is Dehn Al Oudh by Kannauj Attar is 100% Natural:

Well, to help you understand in general terms, this particular product is 90% to 93% natural. We used a very very small fraction of rare, tested and safe synthetic molecules to create something really awesome.

The product is completely alcohol-free.

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