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Myrrh Essential Oil

Botonical Name: Tilia Vulgaris
CAS #: 8016-37-3
Country of Origin: N/A
Color & Odor: Reddish brown paste with balsamic odor
Solubility: Soluble in alcohol, insoluble in water
Specific Gravity: N/A
Optical Rotation: N/A
Refractive Index: N/A
Flash Point: > 200.00 °F

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One of the three gifts given to Jesus as mentioned in the Holy Bible, Myrrh is a well-known spice of the world. Historically it is used in perfumes, incenses, and medicines. Myrrh essential oil is considered exceptional for the human body for its various advantages.

How it is manufactured?

Myrrh is a resin obtained from the trunk of the ‘Commiphora Myrrha’ tree, commonly found in the middle-east region and African continent. Oil is then extracted from this resin via the Steam distillation process.

What does it smell like?

It has a Sweet & Smoky aroma and has a golden-yellow color with a thick viscosity.

What is Myrrh essential oil good for?

Myrrh and its essential oil have many proven benefits. These are also mentioned in the ancient Egyptian, Ayurvedic, and Chinese texts. It is also currently researched by scientists for cancer treatment. 

Benefits & Uses of Myrrh essential oil-

  • Treat Wounds- It is effective in healing wounds and ulcers.
  • For Hair- It can be applied to the hair to prevent hair loss and dandruff.
  • Relaxation- It can be added in hot water for a bath which helps in relaxation.
  • Relief from common ailments- Inhaling steam from hot water mixed with this oil can give relief cough, cold or congestion.
  • Tightens skin- It is suitable for diminishing wrinkles and fighting acne and rejuvenating it due to its anti-aging properties. 
  • Oral care- It is very potent for cleansing the mouth and ease a sore throat.

What other essential oils it blends well with?

It blends well with numerous other essential oils like lemon, lavender, clove, jasmine and especially Frankincense essential oil. It is ‘warm’ in nature and goes well with other warm essential oils.

Blend of Frankincense and Myrrh essential oil 

Frankincense Essential Oil and Myrrh oil blend almost perfectly creating a unique mix having even greater advantages like countering bacterial infections, improving its anti-depressant and skin-improving capabilities.

Spiritual benefits of Myrrh:

It is great to provide calmness and uplift the human mind. This is one of the reasons for its use in many old religious ceremonies. Today, it is used widely in aromatherapy and massages. It can be also used in diffusers.


  1. In the case of diabetes, proper medical consulting is advised.
  2. Caution for pregnant women and children.
  3. People with sensitive skin should test it first before direct usage.

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