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Bakhoor Incense Tablets – Buy Online

Ingredients: Agarwood, Saffron, Nutmeg, Geranium Nut Grass, Ylang-Ylang

Size Available: 100 gm (small sample), 250 gm (Standard Sample)

Product Market Fit: Middle-East/Gulf countries, India and European Market

Shipping Charges: To be Paid by Customer

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FAQs Related Bakhoor Incense:

How to Burn Bakhoor Incense at Home?

We have covered a detailed article on Bakhoor/Bakhur and how to use Bakhoor at Home.

How Long It Will Last?

Each bakhoor tablet, when used with incense burner will scent approx 400 square foot of closed space for hours.

When and Where Bakhur Incense Can be Used?

Bakhoor/Bakhur can be used as Room freshener. It is considered as perfect gift options for occassions like Ramzan, Eid, Diwali & House warming ceremony.

Tradition use of bakhur involves Fragrancing clothes and in Performing Pooja rituals or Wedding ceremony rituals.

Besides these, Bakhoor incense is also considered good to create an environment for Meditation, Yoga and Relaxation activities.