Corporate Gifting

Corporate Gift Sets – Natural Attar Perfumes:

Premium Gifting options for your Employees Appreciation, Thank You Gifts for your Staff, Diwali celebration, or for the occasion of Company Anniversary or New Year. These gifts are also suitable for any corporate event in India.

‘Kannauj Attar’ presents its high-end traditional Indian Attars Perfumes to make your employees or clients feel delighted. Also, these attar perfume gifts are 100% ECO-FRIENDLY.

We know that you care about your employees and selecting a good gift for them is not an easy decision to make. You want to appreciate their hard work for the success of the company. So, instead of giving them a promotional gift or something they already have, REWARD them with something they desire. Indian attars will be the perfect answer to that. These are natural perfumes, which they will ‘actually use’ in their daily lives and will make them feel ‘special’.

Our gift sets are available in different combinations according to price, size, and packaging.

What Makes Indian Attar Perfumes Gift Sets an Ideal Gifting Option for Your Clients/Partners/Employees?

Perfumes are something we all use in our daily lives. It has become an important part of our lifestyle. So, gifting a ‘perfume set’ to the valuable members of your company is a great choice because of some simple reasons.

  • It is suitable for both genders, male or female.
  • It is perfect for all age-groups.
  • Suited for every occasion, especially for Indian festive events.
  • Traditional gift option for your ‘desi’ employees.
  • A perfect souvenir for international clients or foreign delegates(hyperlink).
  • It is something that your clients/employees will remember forever.
  • These truly beautiful attar perfumes can be used regularly as well as occasionally.

Why buy from ‘KannaujAttar’?

We are India’s leading company in the Traditional Indian Attars Industry. All our items are pure and authentic, manufactured in the perfume city of India, Kannauj. Also, these are long-lasting and have various benefits for the human body and mind. They relax and refresh us from inside. They are also eco-friendly and sustainable for our nature.

Which events these are best-suited for?

Maybe all of them. The following list mentions a few out of that-

  • Company Anniversary
  • New Year Celebration
  • Expansion / Thank You / Success party
  • Diwali/Holi Gifts
  • International clients or officials’ meetings
  • Corporate Events
  • Internation Women/Men day

*If you require only small quantity of these gift sets, you can visit our ‘Individual Gifts Sets’ page to buy them directly online. For an employees’ birthday, wedding or retirement.

Our Recommendations? To save your time, we had simplified the process for finding the perfect match for the perfect event. Here are some of our suggestions-

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