Bath & Body Massage Oils recommended by Ayurveda

‘Kannauj Attar’ is proud to present its lavish Bath & Body Massage Oils recommended in the Ayurveda, the ancient Indian system for natural body care and healing. Relieve your stress after a busy workday, calm the mind or prompt happiness back into your mood. These oils will help you to relax and feel rejoiced. Not only that, but they will also make your skin softer & more pleasant by nourishing it from inside. Radiate your inner beauty and upbeat your senses with our traditional body massage oils.

All our massage oils are made from only pure and natural ingredients. These ingredients are obtained from organic sources and then only the finest quality ingredients are carefully selected for further processing. The complete process is all-natural and labor-intensive requiring a lot of hard work and time to give you the best quality and gain the ayurvedic benefits of them. So, make your life more beautiful and order your own oil right now.

Note: Our oils are SLS & Paraben-free. No addition of artificial colors and flavors as well.


What are Body Massage Oils?

Body Massage Oils are basically a blend of two or more essential oils with carrier oils. Sometimes, some herbs are also added to make them extra special. Essential oils are basically naturally-extracted oils from botanical sources like plants, flowers, herbs or spices. They are diluted with carrier oils to make them more comfortable for our skin. They are usually used before a bath to purify the skin afterward.

How to use body massage oils?

A regular massage with these essential oils blends was once a daily ritual before bath for most people in the Indian subcontinent. It was known as Abhyanga, an ayurvedic practice to cherish the real beauty and keep the skin healthy. Now when people are becoming more aware of the scientifically-proven benefits of Ayurveda, this practice is becoming quite popular in countries like India, Australia, USA, Canada, and European nations. 

Nowadays, these oils are used in many verticals for different purposes:


  • Regular Massage: Relax your body after a hectic day of work, remove tension by massaging your body with these divine oils. You can make these a weekly or monthly habit and experience calmness & peace.


  • As a Bath Oil (Abhyanga): Our oils are also perfect for daily usage, ideal if you want to practice Abhyanga and get the full benefits of it. Since they are extracted from only all-natural means, they will never harm you. Instead, they will protect you all day long and make each new day extra special.
  • For Glowing Skin: These oils have positive effects on our skin also. They soften and tone the skin as well as tighten it. This aids to counter ageing, remove dirt and so, make you look more gorgeous.
  • Natural Healing: As mentioned, they bust anxiety, stress or tension out of your body, making you feel completely relaxed and happy.



For Professionals / Massage Therapists / Aromatherapy

Whether you provide delightful massages in your parlor as a therapist, unwind stress with aromatherapy or are involved in professional services that require such oils, we are ready to help you. We also offer our THERAPEUITC – GRADE OILS for such bulk needs. Buy online or Contact Us for wholesale purchases. We offer the best prices in the industry, customizable according to your requirements. We have earned a reputation of a trusted supplier from our clients all around the world, to whom we export our oils.

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