We Source Raw Material from Across the World Where Specific Plant Thrives Most and Process them for Distillation.

Traditional Distillation

Qualified Raw Material is processed for traditional distillation (Using Deg Bhapka Method). This ancient technique is the true way to capture real essence.

Purity Testing

After distillation, each batch of essential oils is sent for detailed lab testing from accredited, independent laboratory. This includes thorough GC-MS Analysis of each batch of essential oils.


After analysis of newly distilled batch, GCMS lab reports & product's technical specifications are shared with existing clients and they can reserve their order with us.

A little hesitant at first because I heard it was pretty painful to find authentic supplier. Thankful I came across Kannauj Attar.

Irene Swan

I want to take a moment and thank Kannauj Attar team for a great first time experience, not to mention the excellent quality was delivered.

Eric Benoit