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Sources & Types of Jasmine Attar & Jasmine Essential Oil

Types of Jasmine Oil

History & Cultural Aspects of Jasmine: Jasmine has a fragrance that is connected to the spiritual, religious and medication aspect of life. Jasmine is a fragrance that is refreshing and lively. For centuries, jasmine flowers have been offered to Gods in Indian culture and used as medicine in the Ayurveda- the ancient medical practices of […]

Types of Rose Oils – Sources of Rose to Obtain Essential Oil & Absolutes

Attar of roses (otto) or Rose Essential oil is extracted from rose petals, and used widely in aromatherapy and perfumery. Rose oil is one of the most sought-after perfumery agent in the world, today. There are around 180+ species of Rose and thousands of hybrid rose species found in different regions. However, interestingly only 5 or […]

What’s the Difference Between Attar & Essential Oil?

Understanding Attars: Attar is a persian/Arabic word meaning fragrance, scent or essence. When the aroma of flowers, herbs and spices are collected by hydro-distillation on a base material, like sandalwood oil, the attar is made. Traditional Attars or Itra are majorly used as perfumes and are produced by distilling natural ingredients like flower petals, spices, […]