Black Oudh Attar Pure Buy Online

Top Attars & Perfume Oils for Winter Season to Keep You Warm

Winters are indeed the best season for those who love and want their perfumes to stay longer. There are certain natural attars that are...

Traditional Method of Making Attars Using Hydrodistillation (Deg & Bhapka Method)

Natural attars are defined as the distillates obtained by hydrodistillation of flowers (such as saffron, marigold, rose, jasmine, pandanus) or other plant parts (Vetiver...
How much does agarwood oil or oud oil cost?

How Much does Pure Agarwood Oil Cost? Why is it So Expensive?

About Agarwood Oil: Agarwood oil or Oud oil (in Arabic) is a very rare & expensive oil that originates in parts of South East Asia...
Burning Bakhoor Incense/Chips at Home

What is Bakhoor? How to Burn Bakhoor at Home?

What is Bakhoor? Bukhoor (Arabic spelling: بخور‎), or Bakhour or Bakhoor is an arabic name given to type of wood chips soaked in perfume oils. When...
Must Visit Shops in Dubai UAE to Buy Attar Perfume Scents

Top 5 Attar Perfume Shops in Dubai to Buy Arabian Scents

Dubai is a large shopping destination for the people who visit or live there. If you are ever in Dubai, you must consider visiting...