Arabic Attar Perfumes & Islamic Fragrances

Finest Quality Halal Fragrances for Middle East



Export of Arabic Fragrances

Tradition of exporting attar perfumes from Kannauj to Arab countries is not new. Since many decades Attar manufacturersin Kannauj have been creating unique fragrances for middle east market.

At Kannauj Attar, we have been creating, natural attar perfumes and other best-selling fragrances for Middle Eastconsumers.

Our scientists and experienced research team comprise thorough knowledge of traditional Arabic perfumery.They also bring hands-on expertise in the field of classic raw materials (rose, oudh, bakhoor, and saffron etc) whichenable us to create oriental fragrances as nobody else develop islamic fragrances of gulf countries including Saudi Arabia,Qatar, UAE and more.


  • Attar Al Kaaba hind
  • Attar Full Arabian Perfume Oil
  • Asli Attar Indian
  • Amber Ood Arabian Attar
  • Pinus Succinifera
  • Bakhoor al JP
  • Jasmine Grandilfflorum (Gardenia)
  • Dehan Al Oudh Taj e Hind
  • Firdous Attar
  • Sadaf Attar
  • Sultan Attar
  • Hayati Attar
  • Islamic Bakhur Attar
  • Melaleuca Alternifolia
  • Jannet el Firdaus
  • Jasmine Arabian Asli
  • Mukhalat al Maliki
  • Mukhalat al Shahama
  • Misk al Ajib
  • Mukhallat ae
  • Mubakhar Al Raheem E Attar
  • Salma Royal Queens Attar
  • Shamamtul Al Amber Grade A
  • Ocimum sanctum
  • Amberboa moschata
  • White Ambergris Grade A
  • White Zafaron Grade A
  • Physeter macrocephalus L
  • Musk AlGhazal Red
  • Musk AlGhazal White
  • Pure Jasmine Oil
  • Red Zafaron Grade A
  • Roh Al Amber Grade A

Islamic Attar and Fragrances

Explore the range of finest quality fragrances and attar perfumes that comply with islamic/muslim guidelines. We understand the requirements and preferences of people in middle east and our experts have pioneered the art of making appealing, one-of-a-king traditional arabic attar perfumes.